Each case reported to our services by social or hospital workers, local or national Police becomes the object of identification by our teams according to specified criteria determined by legal texts. Those persons found not to come under our competency are referred to the appropriate structures.


Each person accompanied by OICEM receives personalized assistance following a proactive approach.

Each one has his rights explained by our legal advisor.  Victims wishing to be accompanied can benefit from legal assistance throughout the procedure.

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OICEM’s vocation is the sharing of expertise, consciousness raising to the realities of slavery and training people how to identify victims. As such, we organize meetings and respond to the calls of associative and institutional partners, researchers and media.
As a member of the group « Together against Trafficking » made up of twenty or so associations, we take an active part in defense advocacy. We participate in studies and national and international work groups. Our NGO is listed by great international organizations: the European Commission and the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and receives funding from United Nations within the framework of funds for modern forms of slavery.